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Do you love party, dance, and music? Yup, this is a stupid question everybody loves party besides some grumpies. Welcome to the land of parties, festivals and non-stop celebration, any guesses? If you are thinking about the festival capital of the world the fabulous Rio de Janeiro then Yes, you are right. If you need any introduction to this place, you should watch the famous movie “Rio”. Colorful festival decoration, balloons, and sparkles everywhere, music playing to the loudest and people doing only one thing- dance. Yup, it’s sound like a cliché scene of a Hollywood chick flick but you know movies are inspired from the reality. Maybe every party is somehow inspired by this carnival land. The best thing about Rio is that the party never ends, some kind of party always going on all around the year. Why don’t we celebrate some uniqueness of Rio in this blog? Let’s know about some of the upcoming festivals and events in August and September, shall we!


The temperature is down but sunny skies, it’s a great time to do some outdoor activities or just enjoy another party in Rio. Book tickets easily with Delta Airlines Reservations.

Festa de NS da Glória do Outeiro

The historic and beautiful church overlooking Glória and the bay holds a procession on August 15. A big stage for the concert with colorful stalls offering different kinds of unique things, yup! Sounds like a perfect plan.  Festivities start in the morning and continue all day.

Rio Gastonomia

Rio de Janeiro hosts the biggest culinary event of Brazil, for serval days in August. Foodies! Get ready to taste local, traditional and famous dishes of the Brazilian Cuisine. The focal point of the event is out on Pier Mauá, with special tastings, workshops and cooking lessons, plus music concerts.

See the horizon of the Brazil with Delta Reservations.


The weather is changing but the celebration mode of the city is still on. Taste the excitement in the air with these amazing celebrations of life.

Samba-School Rehearsals

Be ready with your dancing shoes because Samba schools begin to host an open gathering for dance lovers once a week. Usually, these gatherings organize on Friday or Saturday nights. These gatherings are more like a reason to dance and celebrate life with one of the most amazing dance form- samba.

Mondial de la Biere

Food and Beer lovers, this event is only for you! The festival organized for four long days which is like a holy grail for brew-lovers.

Dia de Independência do Brasil

A large celebration took place on the special occasion of Independence Day of Brazil. This festival is celebrated on September 7 with a large military parade down Av Presidente Vargas in Centro.

Rock in Rio

One of the biggest rock festivals of the planet has recently come back to Rio. The celebration is grand and largest than ever where music lovers can enjoy non-stop live performances. Scheduled happened in Rio in 2019 and 2021. What are you waiting for? The party land is waiting for you with its all charm. Add more convenience in your travel experience with easy Delta Airlines Booking. Create memories and have a happy journey!

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