Explore Chicago city this summer Via Delta Airlines Reservations

Chicago, the most famous city situated in Illinois, united states. Located on the shores of freshwater Lake Michigan, Chicago is visited by many tourists throughout the year. Shopping districts, ample nightlife venues, world-class museums and more things are being offered by Chicago City. Make your moments memorable in the city of Chicago with your loved ones. Make your move now and travel to Chicago through Delta Airlines Reservations. Also, save grands on your budget.

Chicago is a ravishing city, with plenty of sights to explore and places to visit, following are attractions you can visit:

Oak Street Beach

Oak Street Beach is located on North Lake SeaShore in Chicago, Illinois. Oak Street Beach still serves as one of the city’s most famous beachfront which is no less than a paradise. This beach is one of the most visited beaches where tourists come and relax their mind and soil. There is so much to do on this beach, including the activities of surfing, diving and many more. It also offers you the space for a picnic with the family. Little ones can play with the waves and youngsters can make their moments memorable. Moreover, the beach has many options available for those who want to exercise. The most interesting thing is to dine with a mesmerizing view with your friends and family. With its breathtaking skyline view and pleasant atmosphere, there are a variety of fun activities to enjoy at Oak Street Beach in Chicago. So what are you waiting for? This summer, plan your journey to Chicago with your friends or little ones through Delta Airlines Booking. You also get an opportunity to save a good amount on your budget.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Situated within a verdant park just minutes from north of Chicago, Lincoln Park Zoo has been a free and natural spot for generations of animal lovers. This park is for those wanderers who want to experience the wildlife. Some tourists visit the zoo to hear a lion’s roar echo and to see gorillas climbing the trees. Lincoln Park Zoo is dedicated to educating the visitors about the livelihood of the animals. They are creating a bond between humans and the natural world. The Lincoln Park Zoo is home to dozens of species, such as sloths, hippos and zebras. Travelers appreciated all of the large mammal species and rare animal’s species Found here. Head to the Farm-in-the-Zoo exhibit, where kids can meet barnyard favorites like goats, pigs and cows. Explore the Reptile House to see all things that move smoothly and head over to the outdoor exhibits for the polar bears to see them swimming in their pool. Don’t miss your encounter with the waterfowl lagoon to see water-dwelling birds in open habitat. The zoo also provides an animal carousel that kids love. There is so much to experience here, especially for kids. This summer, plan your visit to Chicago through Delta Airlines Reservations. Get amazing deals and offers on your booking.

The Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd Aquarium is one of the largest and indoor public aquarium in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. This aquarium is one of the most visited spots by tourists. The Shedd Aquarium has been the treasure of Chicago’s Museum Campus for years. The aquarium, which is home to more than 32,000 aquatic species, is a one-of-a-kind, top-notch marine biology institution. You will encounter non-native species like frogs hanging out in a tank designed to create their home habitat. Stop at the wild coral reef in the Centre of the building to watch the divers descend into the tank and live feed the inhabitants. From Waters of the World to the Amazon rising exhibits, you’re sure to find your favorite animal floating in a tank somewhere. There are also big water tanks exhibition and dolphin’s shows throughout the day that creates a completely interactive visitors. This is a wonderful spot to visit with children and family. Plan your visit to Chicago through Delta Reservations and get great deals and offers on booking.

These are the top-most places you can travel to Chicago with your travel partners. Get a super amazing discount on booking your journey through Delta Reservations. Also, get an impressive discount on business as well as first class booking.

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